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FourPlay #28: The Body Sings Electric by Eli Williams

$1.00 USD


About the author: 
I write because it’s painful and sometimes pulling words out of my brain is like being submerged slowly underwater, grasping at anything to be brought back to a breathing point. Until that moment occurs you flail and wonder why you would ever put yourself into this predicament in the first place and even moreso wonder why you would keep coming back. Each time above water is like being in love for the first time. A rush of wonder and joy of life is thrust upon your soul and breathing is better than anything you’ve experienced. I write because it’s the only thing I haven’t been able to run away from. I live for those moments above water.
- Eli Williams

FourPlay #27: Birth Life Death Forever by Daria Quinn

$1.00 USD

Coming Soon
About the author: 
There just aren't that many queer writers out there, certainly not many of any real name value.  Even within our community, there's just not that many of us out there whose work is visible.  I just happened to learn early on that I had a talent for wordcraft, and because of this, I was able to focus on developing that talent at a time in my life where almost everyone else my age was focused on social status and popularity.  I don't really consider writing a talent or a gift so much as I see it as a responsibility.  I am an autistic, bipolar, transgender lesbian feminist in a time and political climate where people like me rarely, if ever, see their voices in print.  There is an audience in desperate need to see their lives and experiences represented in the media, and I, as a neurodivergent queer woman, have a responsibility to every other neurodivergent queer woman in the world to make my voice heard.  That's why I write.

    — Daria Quinn

FourPlay #26: The informal fiXXX by T. Ponder

$1.00 USD


About the author: 
I write because I consider myself an independent author. Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it’s tough and tedious. I like to call myself a creative writer because most of my writings can be expanded in different modes of art. My author name is T. Ponder. Personally, I don’t like to put my image on or in my artwork.

FourPlay #25: Deliver Us into the Dark by Robin Wyatt Dunn

$1.00 USD


About the author: 
I write to keep the blood off my hands; better to have ink. I write for the revolution, which begins in the mind. I write to stay sane, although staying sane is a crazy thing to do. Also, I write for all the chicks.

Robin Wyatt Dunn


Grand Tournament 2018 Overview *subject to change*

In years past, the Grand Tournament has appealed to those who wished for their work to showcase their page prowess primarily, before bringing their words to the stage.

This year, we're flipping the script and allowing performance to pave the way to our contestant's written merit.

The potentiality this year is HUGE with an additional main category, side events, and vendors, all potentially on the docket with some altered rules.

Some changes we are making this year:
Number of Main Categories: 5. Poetry, Music, Storytelling (fiction), Storytelling (nonfiction), Comedy
*please note* if we do not get enough performers to compete in a category, the entrants may be absorbed into the closest relative category.
Admission Fee: $5 per category a Performer/Group wishes to enter. $20 for a Team of up to 5 different Performer/Group. (Performer/Group/Team explained here)
Set Duration: 3-5 minutes
Potential number of sets to perform: Finalists will perform a total of twice in the main competition per category (if they compete in and advance in multiple categories).
Side competitions: Haiku Joust, Sonnet Slam
Favorite of Event Categories (Audience Voting): Favorite Performer/Group; Favorite Team; Favorite Outfit/Costume/Garb; Favorite Prop; Favorite Line, Tournament Underdog, Most Community Minded Performer/Group/Team.
Best of Event Categories (Quantifiable): Highest Scoring Performer/Group (highest scoring of the first round of all categories and side events); Highest Scoring Team (first round and side events).

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