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In Response to... -- Special Edition FourPlays


Submission Call Duration:
          12:05am November 15, 2017 Eastern Time
          11:55pm December 15, 2017 Eastern Time
          Any submissions before or after this time may be deleted with no notice.
          All submissions made during this time will be acknowledged and given notice of acceptance or rejection.
Submissions are Closed.

The Idea:
          Writing Knights runs a gallery space at Avenue Arts in Downtown Canton, Ohio and we have three sets of lines across from our gallery where we invite people to write a line of poetry, in an attempt to trigger creativity.  We are often faced with dismissings of our invitation.  We want to be able to provide concrete, tactile responses.

What we are looking for: 
          Written responses one or any of the following dismissals...
                    ... "I'm not creative/I'm not a poet."
                    ... "I'm good, thanks."
                    ... "I have to think about it/I'll come back."
                    ... "Someone else is better with words than I am."

In the form of:
          Poems -- Up to 5 lines long.
          Prose -- Up to 50 words.
          Cover art -- 4.5x7.5 black and white 300 dpi, related to the theme.
           We are unsure how many submissions we will get, need or use.  If you have something, submit it and we'll sort it out.

Email Address:
            writingknightspress(at)gmail.com, direct all submissions and questions here.

Email Subject:
            "In Response to... Special Edition FourPlay - (Pen Name)"

Email Body:
            Pen Name - Legal Name;
            Email Address;

            Your personal/creative/selected URL;
            Titles of Piece(s);
            & Which response(s) you are addressing.

Email Attachment:
            Piece(s) submitted, clearly defined which piece is which.

            As many pieces as you want to submit.

            DOC, DOCX, TXT, RTF and JPG (300 dpi) files Accepted ONLY - PDF files and Cloud/Drive links NOT accepted.

            All separate Poetry/Prose pieces can be in the same document, however please do NOT embed JPG files into Word Documents.  Attach them separately.
             Note - If there are any issues with the file format, contact Writing Knights before submitting.

Simultaneous Submissions:
            Accepted. Author keeps all rights to pieces regardless of their publication before or after.

Length of Publication:
            Indeterminate.  We may limit the releases to 99 copies like we do with regular FourPlays or we might continue producing indefinitely. It mostly has to do with how effective these are in getting people interested in creative endeavors.

            Every accepted submitter will receive an electronic & printable copy of all four FourPlays. We could feasibly send a print copy to you if you paid shipping, but honestly, it would be easier for you to go to the local print shop and print a copy or two AND you could print as many as you want and distribute them locally at your own events to get people interested in writing.

(Please note -- we are not charging for these collections. They are meant as free releases to attract attention and to inspire individuals to write/create/etc)


Wolf Who Cries Boy by Ephraim Nehemiah

$8.00 USD
(plus Free PDF)

Coming Soon
Coming Soon
boy who cries wolf 
is a fable about a boy 
who repeatedly tricks his village 
into trying to rescue him 
from a wolf

when a wolf actually does appear 
the boy cries for help
the villagers think 
it’s another trick 
no one comes to the rescue
-- Wolf Who Cries Boy

About the author: 
Ephraim Nehemiah is the self-proclaimed poet-laureate of Wakanda.


Something from Nothing by P.C. Vandall

$6.00 USD
(plus Free PDF)

Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
— Excerpt — 
“She told me to stay
but I flew the coop--
took flight in a field
and let you 
have your way. 
I can hear you
through a maze
of corn stalks.”

About the author: 
Pamela is a Canadian writer from Gabriola Island and resides there with her husband and two children. Her poems have appeared in numerous journals and she is currently working on her first full length collection.


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